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Introducing The Quintet


Clockwise from top left: Kyle Brodie (Bass & Vocals), John Wolf (Trombone), Leo Laemmle (Drums), Gabriel Morton (Guitar & Vocals), Rob Scott (Keyboard & Vocals)

Rob Scott has been a regular guest MC at our party on Ricky Macara’s dragger-converted-to-houseboat MY YOT.  Last Summer Rob Scott became a regular member of the group. He’s a great player who also gigs regularly as a jazz composer and pianist (including his Two Trios, and Spiritual Emergence projects), as well as a keyboardist in The Grab Brothers Band. His addition to the band showcases many of his talents as an accompanist, soloist, and vocalist.

In September, our drummer Robbie Bessler moved to Live Free or Die in New Hampshire. We asked around and found Drummer Leo Laemmle. Leo’s been playing since he was a kid under the tutelage of Martin Vazquez (also drum instructor to former Dagger drummer Luke Massouh). Leo also gigs with Technicolor Motor Home and sits in for many bands including Funktapuss. He’s brought an eclectic style to the table, holding down heavy grooves for many different styles of music, a perfect fit for our taste.

Last, but certainly not least, trombonist John Wolf first joined us at a beach party BuFest/HootaFest show.  Shortly after, he joined us on the Main Stage at Wellfleet Oysterfest 2015 and has collaborated frequently since . John is a monster player who has played in countless bands (including the Uptown Rhythm Kings and Roomful of Blues). Some of his projects are listed here. His accompaniment weaves seamlessly into our tunes, and his improvisations induce uncontrollable dancing, hooting, and hollering.

Kickstarter Project Fulfilled


Dearest Daggers and Daggettes, we did it!

At 5 inches tall by 5 inches wide and weighing in at one ounce, we’ve given birth to our first album Extended Play! (Read more here). A toast is in order! To the godfather of The Daggers Captain Ricky, our recording engineer PJ Goodwin, our legendary mastering engineer Toby Mountain, and – of course – our Kickstarter backers! We set up a Kickstarter page where we exchanged your dollars and dollettes for pre-orders of the album, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and posters! We couldn’t have done it without you!

– The Daggers

“MY YOT” Party 2013


July 14, Provincetown Harbor, “One Mile West of the Monopoly Houses”, High Noon: The Daggers performed their second annual, free, all day concert, on the deck of a private live-aboard yacht, MY YOT.

MY YOT sat at her summer anchorage. Tied to the stern was a multicolor string of vessels of every manner: from buffed power boat, to leaky canoe, to floaty toy. This strange array of boats and paddling devices attests to the tenacity and seaworthiness of The Daggers fans.  It seems that it was well worth the trip, however you got there.


The Daggers entertained an impromptu fleet of boaters that had gathered, drawn by the sounds of music over the water.   Even a local pilot, in his ultralight, caught view of the aquatic ho-down and swooped over head dazzling the crowd with areal acrobatics!  On board the old ship, was a scene beyond. Somewhere between a Miami rap video and a clam bake, the deck became a dance floor.  Beautiful sun-kissed bikini babes and their appropriately tanned and lean fellas danced, and swam, and ate, and writhed, and ate some more. The Daggers played their signature eclectic electric rock until the sun went down. Fans traded shifts dancing, BBQing, or just sunning on a flat spot above decks.  Looking over the smiling faces and burnt noses of that crowd, one can only hope that The Daggers keep this tradition alive for many years to come. I know I’m going.

Provincetown International Film Festival Closing Party


The Daggers smile upon the supermoon and the super-audience.

To see-off the 15th annual Provincetown International Film Festival, The Daggers set up their gear on the outdoor stage. Overlooking directors, producers, stars, starlets, Dagggers, Daggettes, and the supermoon (the closest full moon to Earth of 2013) – whose vivid glow reflected and undulated on Provincetown Harbor – the band began to rock.




Their music reverberated in every corner of the block party. Sponsored by HBO, no expense was spared for superb sound engineers and an incredible sound system. Below, at street level, on-lookers gazed up at the band, then the moon, and then at their dancing feet.



Filmmakers from around the globe were sufficiently Daggered.

After hours of playing, The Daggers took a brief break for awards and speeches. Soon, they were among the crowd who was stood-up by its guest of honor, Matt Dillon. The band took this high-profile absence as a sign they were going somewhere and re-claimed the stage to rock into the twilight. Perhaps best described as what the French would call an ambiance hollywoodienne, all who attended found themselves in a cinematic scene, indeed.



After two long sets, The Daggers struck a pose for eager lenses.

Valentine’s Day Broadcast on WOMR

Two of The Daggers tune up and prepare to broadcast some musical lovin'.

Two of The Daggers tune up and prepare to broadcast some musical lovin’.

Still breathing a bit hard from rocking their little cupid wings off for a local charity, The Daggers managed to shoe horn themselves, drums and all, into the DJ booth at Provincetown’s WOMR Community Radio Station. The Soul Funky DJ, turned guerrilla sound engineer, feverishly assembled an array of microphones and cords and stands, a quick level check, thumbs up, and The Daggers were off on their first Live On Air Radio broadcast of their classy rock and roll! Like a bunch of sardines that had survived in the can, they writhed and wriggled in the tiny space, trying not to knock out each others teeth with headstock or drumstick. The door of the booth was stacked with the faces of as many onlookers as one could imagine a doorway could fit. Presiding and smiling over the mini madness was the man with the plan DJ Matty Dread.

Recording The Daggers’ First Album

Gabriel Morton takes the morning shift, relieving Kyle Brodie of duty whilst serenading him.

In an effort to shrug off the Cape Cod winter blues, and to bring their unique sound to a larger audience, The Daggers have dug in (with a snow-shovel) to recording their first album.  The band wished to impart some of the funk and greezy magic of their beloved rehearsal space in Provincetown, so it was that H.Q. Studios was created.


"I don't know if she can handle any more, captain!" - PJ Goodwin

Armed with recording software and a fleet of microphones, PJ Goodwin (aka Dr. Dagger) transforms The Daggers’ rehearsal house into H.Q. Studios.

PJ Goodwin (of Debo Band) was recruited as engineer and they went about creating isolation booths, out of bedrooms and  snaking wires throughout the house.   By the end of it the Franken-house became both studio and rock and roll hotel. “The woodshedding aspect of it really adds to the music, I think” said by one of the Dagger Boys.

Upon completion of recording the tracks, they will be sent off to accomplished digital mastering guru, Toby Mountain. I’m sure all those Daggas and Daggettes can’t wait to get their hands on it!

Some of The Daggers in their rehearsal-space-turned-HQ-studios

Some of The Daggers in their rehearsal-space-turned-H.Q.-studios.