Introducing The Quintet


Clockwise from top left: Kyle Brodie (Bass & Vocals), John Wolf (Trombone), Leo Laemmle (Drums), Gabriel Morton (Guitar & Vocals), Rob Scott (Keyboard & Vocals)

Rob Scott has been a regular guest MC at our party on Ricky Macara’s dragger-converted-to-houseboat MY YOT.  Last Summer Rob Scott became a regular member of the group. He’s a great player who also gigs regularly as a jazz composer and pianist (including his Two Trios, and Spiritual Emergence projects), as well as a keyboardist in The Grab Brothers Band. His addition to the band showcases many of his talents as an accompanist, soloist, and vocalist.

In September, our drummer Robbie Bessler moved to Live Free or Die in New Hampshire. We asked around and found Drummer Leo Laemmle. Leo’s been playing since he was a kid under the tutelage of Martin Vazquez (also drum instructor to former Dagger drummer Luke Massouh). Leo also gigs with Technicolor Motor Home and sits in for many bands including Funktapuss. He’s brought an eclectic style to the table, holding down heavy grooves for many different styles of music, a perfect fit for our taste.

Last, but certainly not least, trombonist John Wolf first joined us at a beach party BuFest/HootaFest show.  Shortly after, he joined us on the Main Stage at Wellfleet Oysterfest 2015 and has collaborated frequently since . John is a monster player who has played in countless bands (including the Uptown Rhythm Kings and Roomful of Blues). Some of his projects are listed here. His accompaniment weaves seamlessly into our tunes, and his improvisations induce uncontrollable dancing, hooting, and hollering.