“MY YOT” Party 2013


July 14, Provincetown Harbor, “One Mile West of the Monopoly Houses”, High Noon: The Daggers performed their second annual, free, all day concert, on the deck of a private live-aboard yacht, MY YOT.

MY YOT sat at her summer anchorage. Tied to the stern was a multicolor string of vessels of every manner: from buffed power boat, to leaky canoe, to floaty toy. This strange array of boats and paddling devices attests to the tenacity and seaworthiness of The Daggers fans.  It seems that it was well worth the trip, however you got there.


The Daggers entertained an impromptu fleet of boaters that had gathered, drawn by the sounds of music over the water.   Even a local pilot, in his ultralight, caught view of the aquatic ho-down and swooped over head dazzling the crowd with areal acrobatics!  On board the old ship, was a scene beyond. Somewhere between a Miami rap video and a clam bake, the deck became a dance floor.  Beautiful sun-kissed bikini babes and their appropriately tanned and lean fellas danced, and swam, and ate, and writhed, and ate some more. The Daggers played their signature eclectic electric rock until the sun went down. Fans traded shifts dancing, BBQing, or just sunning on a flat spot above decks.  Looking over the smiling faces and burnt noses of that crowd, one can only hope that The Daggers keep this tradition alive for many years to come. I know I’m going.