Provincetown International Film Festival Closing Party


The Daggers smile upon the supermoon and the super-audience.

To see-off the 15th annual Provincetown International Film Festival, The Daggers set up their gear on the outdoor stage. Overlooking directors, producers, stars, starlets, Dagggers, Daggettes, and the supermoon (the closest full moon to Earth of 2013) – whose vivid glow reflected and undulated on Provincetown Harbor – the band began to rock.




Their music reverberated in every corner of the block party. Sponsored by HBO, no expense was spared for superb sound engineers and an incredible sound system. Below, at street level, on-lookers gazed up at the band, then the moon, and then at their dancing feet.



Filmmakers from around the globe were sufficiently Daggered.

After hours of playing, The Daggers took a brief break for awards and speeches. Soon, they were among the crowd who was stood-up by its guest of honor, Matt Dillon. The band took this high-profile absence as a sign they were going somewhere and re-claimed the stage to rock into the twilight. Perhaps best described as what the French would call an ambiance hollywoodienne, all who attended found themselves in a cinematic scene, indeed.



After two long sets, The Daggers struck a pose for eager lenses.