Recording The Daggers’ First Album

Gabriel Morton takes the morning shift, relieving Kyle Brodie of duty whilst serenading him.

In an effort to shrug off the Cape Cod winter blues, and to bring their unique sound to a larger audience, The Daggers have dug in (with a snow-shovel) to recording their first album.  The band wished to impart some of the funk and greezy magic of their beloved rehearsal space in Provincetown, so it was that H.Q. Studios was created.


"I don't know if she can handle any more, captain!" - PJ Goodwin

Armed with recording software and a fleet of microphones, PJ Goodwin (aka Dr. Dagger) transforms The Daggers’ rehearsal house into H.Q. Studios.

PJ Goodwin (of Debo Band) was recruited as engineer and they went about creating isolation booths, out of bedrooms and  snaking wires throughout the house.   By the end of it the Franken-house became both studio and rock and roll hotel. “The woodshedding aspect of it really adds to the music, I think” said by one of the Dagger Boys.

Upon completion of recording the tracks, they will be sent off to accomplished digital mastering guru, Toby Mountain. I’m sure all those Daggas and Daggettes can’t wait to get their hands on it!

Some of The Daggers in their rehearsal-space-turned-HQ-studios

Some of The Daggers in their rehearsal-space-turned-H.Q.-studios.